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Enciso Systems Promotes Space Education in Latin America

2024-06-03 20:00
Enciso Systems announces its collaboration and technological support for the Diploma in Introduction to Space Technologies organized by C-CALDAS. This diploma, aimed at professionals and university students, will be carried out in virtual mode, covering 120 teaching hours in three months. The space sector is crucial to the global economy, driving innovation and generating skilled jobs, and this program seeks to strengthen regional human capabilities. Participants will receive high-quality training given by experts such as Dr. Jhonathan Murcia, Dr. Jenny Robledo and Dr. Jorge Espíndola. Enciso Systems will provide the implementation and management of virtual platforms and digital tools necessary for the success of the diploma.

Innovation in Project Estimation

2024-05-24 18:00
Enciso Systems held the "From Idea to Success" conference series, designed to inspire and train young professionals in digital entrepreneurship and accurate project estimation. This event, which precedes the launch of the Enciso Estimation application, addresses the complex challenges of project management, highlighting the challenges in accurately forecasting the time and resources required to complete tasks. The conferences, held at renowned universities, offered key insights and strategies to turn ideas into business successes in the digital world. Additionally, Enciso Estimation, an innovative tool that breaks down tasks and provides accurate effort estimates from natural language descriptions, was launched live. This application, developed especially for young professionals, uses advanced algorithms to deliver fast and reliable results, transforming project management efficiently and effectively.

Covima and Biocarbono Orinoquia: Innovation for Forest Conservation

2024-04-29 13:00
Enciso Systems presents Covima during the event "Use of the natural forest as a generator of opportunities for sustainable forest development", organized by the Biocarbono Orinoquia Project. Covima, initially conceived by GGGI Colombia and developed for the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, strengthens forest surveillance and combats illegal logging. This innovative tool represents an advance in the protection of natural resources and promotes sustainable forest development in Colombia. The presentation of Covima offers regional and municipal actors the opportunity to understand its importance in forest management. Enciso Systems reaffirms its commitment to working collaboratively to promote sustainable forestry practices.

Exploring the Cosmos from the Heart of Colombia

2023-12-15 13:00
The Colombia Espacial 2023 event, held on December 13 and 14 in the auditorium of the Meta Government, brought together the country's outstanding astronomical community. Experts from Brazil, Ecuador, Spain, Luxembourg and Colombia shared their knowledge in conferences that covered everything from space exploration to emerging technologies. The highlight was a closing forum with representatives of the Presidency of the Republic of Colombia, the Colombian Aerospace Force, Planetai Space and Enciso Systems, discussing the future of the national aerospace sector. The synergy generated during the event establishes solid foundations for the continued advancement of Colombian space exploration, with the department of Meta at the epicenter of these discussions. Colombia Espacial 2023 was not only a scientific dissemination event, but also a platform for networking and collaboration between professionals, government institutions and companies in the sector. The experience leaves a promising legacy for the future development of space research in the department and the country.

Enciso Systems Promotes Digital Transformation in the Orinoco ICT Cluster

2023-12-12 13:00
Enciso Systems celebrates its selection as a beneficiary of non-refundable co-financing resources destined for the Orinoco ICT Cluster, highlighting its commitment to innovation and technology. The award of these funds will allow Enciso Systems to promote projects that will address the current and future problems of the cluster, improving productivity, sustainability and access to markets. The company is committed to leading digital transformation initiatives, strengthening collaboration between cluster companies and accelerating the adoption of advanced technologies. The company thanks the entities responsible for the award and highlights the importance of digital transformation today. Enciso Systems seeks to contribute to the growth and development of the Orinoco ICT Cluster, positioning itself as a leader in promoting a more sustainable and technologically advanced future in the region.

Colombia's Aerospace Future Takes Flight with C-CALDAS

2023-11-07 13:00
The Colombian Corporation For Aerospace Advancement, Leadership And Development (C-CALDAS) has officially announced its incorporation, marking a significant milestone in the pursuit of aerospace progress. Named after the renowned Colombian polymath Francisco José de Caldas, C-CALDAS is dedicated to advancing scientific, technological, and social development in the aerospace field. The corporation aims to bolster Colombia's aerospace sector on both national and global scales through knowledge dissemination and technological advancement. Javier Enciso, president at Enciso Systems, has been appointed as the deputy director of C-CALDAS, bringing a wealth of aerospace industry experience to the leadership team. With a vision to drive breakthroughs and make a lasting impact on the aerospace landscape, C-CALDAS envisions a future where Colombia plays a pivotal role in aerospace innovation. By fostering a collaborative ecosystem of industry leaders, researchers, and visionaries, C-CALDAS is poised to push boundaries and contribute significantly to the scientific, technological, and social fabric of the nation.

Recognition for the development of COVIMA

2023-09-22 14:30
Enciso Systems is pleased to announce that its President, Javier Enciso, has been honored by the Government of Meta for his outstanding contribution to the development of COVIMA, a crucial application of the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development for the Control and Wood Surveillance. COVIMA, developed by Enciso Systems, has transformed the way we monitor and control deforestation and illegal timber trade in Colombia, thanks to the visionary leadership of Javier Enciso. This recognition reinforces Enciso Systems' commitment to the preservation of the environment and sustainable development. The company remains dedicated to collaborating with government institutions and environmental organizations towards a more sustainable future.

Covima 3

2023-06-26 13:00
Enciso Systems announces the release of Covima 3, an application for the control and surveillance of logging activity in Colombia, which marks a milestone in the protection of forest resources and the conservation of biodiversity. Covima 3 was financed by the Institute for Green Growth and the Orinoquía Biocarbon project, and its implementation is carried out in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development. The release event was attended by environmental authorities and key players in environmental protection. Covima 3 uses advanced technologies, such as image analysis and artificial intelligence, to detect and prevent illegal activities related to logging and timber transport, providing a comprehensive tool for monitoring and combating deforestation. Enciso Systems is proud of its contribution to forest protection and biodiversity conservation, and is committed to working closely with environmental authorities and organizations for a sustainable future.

Enciso Systems receives support from the Public Development Fund

2023-06-13 13:00
Enciso Systems has been selected as a beneficiary in the fifth call for the Public Economic Fund for Local Development, Villavicencio con Toda. This government fund seeks to support local companies with growth potential and contribution to the development and generation of employment in the region. As a beneficiary, Enciso Systems will receive a financial investment to accelerate its growth plans and expand its operations locally. Enciso Systems is recognized for its innovation in services and technological solutions, supported by the fund, seeks to strengthen its position and generate positive impact in the community.

Introducing Enciso Learning

2023-06-03 13:00
Enciso Systems presents its new educational platform: Enciso Learning. Enciso Learning is an interactive digital platform designed for students to acquire knowledge in programming, 3D modeling, and English. The platform is special because it combines the best of traditional teaching with the most recent technological advances. At Enciso Systems we are committed to the development of our youth and the construction of a bright future for the Meta region and the Eastern Plains.