Leadership course at MIT, July 2014


In addition to the courses, at Enciso Learning we carry out short-term outings to explore and learn.

Foto Centro de Supercomputación en ShanghaiIn 2016 we visited the city of Shanghai for a week. There we had the opportunity to meet technological organizations of various sizes and learn about the culture of the Asian giant. One such organization was the Shanghai Supercomputer Center (SSC). SSC is the first public service platform for high-performance computing in China, dedicated to providing high-level computing services for national scientific and technological progress and industrial innovation.

Foto Museo de Intel en Silicon ValleyIn 2017 we visited Silicon Valley for a week. On that occasion we visited the Google campus, Stanford and Berkeley universities, as well as other places of interest in the San Francisco Bay. One of those places was the Intel Museum. The Intel Museum located at Intel headquarters in Santa Clara, California, USA, has exhibits on the company's products and history, as well as semiconductor technology in general.

These excursions were carried out in collaboration with the University of Los Llanos.

Soon we will announce the destination of our next excursion.

The excursions have an additional cost that depends on the destination and the duration. 

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