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Enciso Systems Team
Enciso Systems Team. From left to right (top): Samuel Medina, Diego Palacios, Alejandro Vivas, Javier Enciso, Javier Riveros, Jonathan Guzmán. From left to right (bottom): Ingry Romero, Alejandra Rojas, Paula Velásquez.
Credit: Enciso Systems/G. Hidalgo 


Enciso Systems is an information technology and communication service provider, oriented to serve the needs of the big science organizations. The activities that are part of our corporate purpose are carried out both in Colombia and abroad.

Enciso Systems is a simplified stock company (Enciso Systems SAS), incorporated in the Villavicencio Chamber of Commerce, registry 371.148, national tax ID (NIT) 901.390.798 - 9, D-U-N-S 686.846.880, member of the Colombian Federation of the Software Industry and Related Information Technologies (Fedesoft), and the Colombian American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham Colombia).


Long-term business relations rely on trust. At Enciso Systems, we strive to build trust between parties by having clear and open conversations. We privilege knowledge transfer and empowerment rather than artificial dependencies.


Provide high-quality software development services.


By 2030 we will be recognized as a strategic ally in high-quality software development services for scientific organizations in North America and Europe.


  • Gratitude: for our customers and collaborators.
  • Passion: we truly love what we do.
  • Perseverance: our commitment is success.


Our history spans for more than a decade and three continents.

  • 2005: Javier receives a bachelor degree from National University of Colombia
  • 2006: Javier joins University of the Llanos as lecturer in Decision Theory and UML courses
  • 2006: Javier moves to Shanghai and joins hiSoft Technology International Limited as Software Test Engineer
  • 2007: Javier declines an offer to join Google at Kirkland office
  • 2007: Alejandra and Javier create IT consulting Arawak Technology Solutions
  • 2007: Arawak Technology Solutions joins Parquesoft Meta
  • 2007: Arawak Technology Solutions updates Villavicencio Chamber of Commerce website
  • 2008: Alejandra and Javier moves to Germany to pursue advanced degree studies
  • 2009: Javier joins the education and Public Outreach Department at the European Southern Observatory
  • 2014: Javier, Alejandra and Edwin incorporate Altix consulting company
  • 2016: Javier and Alejandra leave Altix to move to Germany
  • 2020: Alejandra and Javier create IT Enciso Systems to supply to services demands in Europe and USA
  • 2020: Enciso Systems releases NOIRLab/IPAC/STScI/ESA/CfA FITS Liberator 4
  • 2020: Enciso Systems releases NOIRLab public website


Co-founder and CEO

Javier EncisoJavier is a Computer Scientist from the National University of Colombia and holds a Master of Science from the Technical University Munich. Over the years, he has worked at Big Tech companies and preeminent research organizations in Colombia, China, Germany and USA. 

Organization Chart 

Organization Chart